To Remember

Isn’t memory a wonderful thing? It’s like a magical portal to the past. Brilliance.

Today’s challenge is to write about a funny memory. Even though there is photographic evidence of this, I am under legal authorisation not to post them. Yes, that does mean J made me pinky promise I never would. Anywho, to the memory…

We went to a cottage for a few days to celebrate J’s mum’s birthday. There was a hot tub which was incredible and a games room which demonstrated my poor sports ability. The highlight of this trip would have to be the moment J decided to squeeze into my swimsuit. Yes, you do read that correctly. J wore my swimsuit. It was hilarious. Especially when his nipple slipped out. He had a nip slip whilst wearing my neon leopard print swimsuit. You can only imagine the giggles that come from that photo shoot.

I better run before J catches me writing this and tickles me to death. Good night, L.

P.S. Yesterday I did not blog as my challenge was to be social, so I actually went outside and sat with a friend for a few hours.

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