Catch Up

Due to feeling low I have missed the past few day’s posts. So I thought I would do those today as well. That means we have bravery, song, and water to complete ready for my next post, the correct one for today.

Day 23 is one of bravery. This day at work it hit me that it could be my last ever shift at the place I have worked for 3 years. Leaving this place is a huge fright but it has been brought to my attention recently that employees should be given better treatment than we were receiving, so here I am starting again. There is a lot of anxiety between leaving an old job and starting a new place, but I am stepping up and giving myself a chance I deserve.

Now for yesterday, day 24. This day was to be full of song. Initially I would have loved for this to be a great day full of singing and dancing whilst I battled through some uni work. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. I dipped further and laid in bed listening to sad song playlists on spotify until J came home. He hugged me until I fell asleep and helped me wake up feeling much better this morning.

Finally, we have water for day 25. J would suggest a post how we ought to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. I’m certain he drinks too much he must be 98% water. For me water is much more though. I adore the water. Being in the water makes me feel at peace as if nothing else matters. I am really a mermaid. The water is home! Whether it be in a pool, in the ocean, or even the bath. Water is heavenly!

Peace out, L.

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