Time Travel

Taken at a train station on my way to Lincoln. I thought it was cute so included it because clocks are relevent to time travel of course.

A lot of the time I wish I could go back in time. Right some wrongs. Treat myself better whilst cutting some toxic people out of my life a lot quicker or not getting to a point of knowing them at all. Never quitting certain subjects and hobbies, no matter the costs. Still be with all those people I left back home that I hold so near but will never be in the same page as them ever again.

But each time I remember one thing… All of those events happened for a reason, whether I can put my thumb on it or not. Each moment has made me the person I am and got me to the places I am at today with the people who mean the world to me.

Learn from the past but look forward to the future, bitches! Love L.

P.S. This post was meant for yeterday I know. I am apparently a very forgetful being.

Today’s challenge is actually soothe, so I shall leave you with the most important soothing thing we all must do…

– Go get the hot chocolate

– Put on your comfiest pyjamas

– Find those old favourite movies

– Snuggle yourself up in all the blankies and duvets you own

– Fall asleep whilst smiling at your favourite movie moment

Sorry for being forgetful, L. ❤

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