Hey guys, long time no blog! Hope all is well. Thought I would do a post on siblings for all you eldest children out there. I know how you feel. I am the eldest of five… Yes, that is two younger brothers and two younger sisters. Huge pain.

Siblings can be the most annoying people you will ever meet. They steal your clothes, cramp your style, and get you into trouble all of the time. What is the most annoying thing about them though?

For me the worst thing about having siblings is when they gate crash all the plans I have with my parents. Anytime I want to talk to my mum about something going on in my life they have to shout louder or intrude our privacy. If I want to spend some quality time with my mum, then I will have to wait for fish to swim backwards. They would never accept being on the side lines for me to have 30 seconds in the spotlight.

Siblings… The bain of my existance.

Good luck to any of you with siblings, L.

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