Hey guys, long time no blog! Hope all is well. Thought I would do a post on siblings for all you eldest children out there. I know how you feel. I am the eldest of five… Yes, that is two younger brothers and two younger sisters. Huge pain.

Siblings can be the most annoying people you will ever meet. They steal your clothes, cramp your style, and get you into trouble all of the time. What is the most annoying thing about them though?

For me the worst thing about having siblings is when they gate crash all the plans I have with my parents. Anytime I want to talk to my mum about something going on in my life they have to shout louder or intrude our privacy. If I want to spend some quality time with my mum, then I will have to wait for fish to swim backwards. They would never accept being on the side lines for me to have 30 seconds in the spotlight.

Siblings… The bain of my existance.

Good luck to any of you with siblings, L.

Hopes, dreams, and… showers?

Day two of the selfcareathon is obstacles, so here goes…

Obstacles are faced everyday, from what to wear to who to trust. Every problem we each face is an obstacle which we sre to overcome, but how can we possibly start to go about that?

Recently, I began wellbeing sessions and in the first topic was SMART targets. Yes, I know, boring. How many times have we heard about them before? They come up more than enough times at school. I don’t think we have fully understood the point of these SMART targets, though. Maybe, the idea is for us to split our ultimate, seemingly impossible goals into smaller steps. Into targets.

Sometimes these goals are long term and there will be a long journey of targets to wade through before it is achieved. What if this is the reason, for us identifying the smaller obstacles to overcome? I mean, it is always a lot more satisfying to be one step further up the ladder, rather than remaining at the bottom waiting to whizz to the top.

These obstacles don’t always lead to some huge accomplishment either. People find this absurd, but for me the end goal can be as simple as managing to shower. It becomes a step by step process to even get close to the shower, and then the water hits and it all comes together. I get out wandering why it took me several days to manage such a simple, yet awfully satisfying act.

Obstacles are a funny thing and are different for everyone. Maybe, it is time we began splitting these goals, whether they be huge roads to self-discovery or menial everyday tasks, into smaller targets to make our final destination more rewarding.

Now I might go grab a shower, L.