Stepping Stones

Being so short I take many small steps which ironically fits well with todays selfcareathon challenge.

Recently, depression has been difficult to handle. I have felt unworthy of medication and as if it is pointless anyway. Today I have tried to change that way of thinking. I took my medication and have been looking at the day and things I ought to do step by step. It is mega difficult but I have tot this!

Keep fighting, L.

Little Miss Chatterbox

Remember the Mr Men and Little Miss? They were great. Mr Grumpy, Mr Tickle and Mr Bump had to be my favourites, along with Little Miss Chatterbox and Little Miss Sunshine.

After that little side track, on to today’s challenge to talk. I got together with a friend from the beginning of uni who I haven’t seen in a long time. We only had a little catch up, no more than half an hour, but it was so lovely. Isn’t it odd how such a small thing can be so important and have such a great impact. It may my day to get that chat, after spending the rest of the day complaining to J about how much I dislike the sun right now for burning me.

We all love a good complain, ey? L.


For today my selfcareathon challenge is letter. I wanted to do a different take on the word to what most have taken it to mean. This being a written letter rather than a letter of tha alphabet.

I love the alphabet. I can say it forward, backwords and ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ rather than ‘ay’, ‘bee’, ‘cee’. A great party trick, I know.

So to the point, my favourite letter. That would have to be Z. Zee or zed it is just a fun letter that is rarely used. Plus, who doesn’t love a zoo?

The greatest thing about the letter Z is how it has come to represent us sleeping. If anyone knows why then please tell me! But, sleep is wonderful hence Z is a beautiful letter.

Zzzzz, L.

To Remember

Isn’t memory a wonderful thing? It’s like a magical portal to the past. Brilliance.

Today’s challenge is to write about a funny memory. Even though there is photographic evidence of this, I am under legal authorisation not to post them. Yes, that does mean J made me pinky promise I never would. Anywho, to the memory…

We went to a cottage for a few days to celebrate J’s mum’s birthday. There was a hot tub which was incredible and a games room which demonstrated my poor sports ability. The highlight of this trip would have to be the moment J decided to squeeze into my swimsuit. Yes, you do read that correctly. J wore my swimsuit. It was hilarious. Especially when his nipple slipped out. He had a nip slip whilst wearing my neon leopard print swimsuit. You can only imagine the giggles that come from that photo shoot.

I better run before J catches me writing this and tickles me to death. Good night, L.

P.S. Yesterday I did not blog as my challenge was to be social, so I actually went outside and sat with a friend for a few hours.


Recently I had the opportunity to participate in a special sheme at work. We had a truck in which we could personalise denim and logo. It would have been rude to not buy myself a new denim jacket and add my own touch, ey?

Here is my creation…

I absolutely love it, how about you? L.

Last Rolo

Treasure is different to everyone. Mine are all sentimental: my good luck Pixie from on holiday; my endless photo boxes; the gecko anklet from my mum; horse shoe from my dad and the list goes on. My most treasured treasure, however, is from someone very special.

Did you guys know that you are supposed to give your last rolo to the person you love? No, neither did my boyfriend. Until, one day my mammar gave me a pack of rolos and he was blessed with this knowledge. He then finally knew what he ought to buy me for my birthday. My most prized posession is this gift. A last rolo keep sake and he knows me so well he got it in silver because silver is much prettier than gold.

J I hope you are honoured to have made your fame in my blog, haha. Love, L.